Watch this short video to discover the secrets to incredible skin at any age!

What’s Inside?

• Know Your Skin: Healthy, beautiful skin is possible at any age - you just have to know how to care for it!

• Professional Make-Up: Tips & Tricks: Learn insider tips on how to create a sophisticated and beautiful make-over.

• Home-Made Beauty Treatments: My personal recipes for home-made face, body and hair treatments which I have been using for 20 years!

• Secrets for Youthful Skin: Discover my techniques, tips and products to help rejuvenate your skin.

• How to fight Cellulite & Stretch Marks: Discover how you can deal with these two evil enemies!

• Feed Your Skin: Create a beautiful complexion and fight aging - from the inside out!

• Bronzed & Beautiful: A guide to safe self-tanning and painless hair removal.

• Love Your Body: Techniques for achieving a sleeker, toned and more radiant body!

• Aromatherapy: Discover how essential oils can help you de-stress, relax & rejuvenate!

• Self-Esteem & Self Image Boosters: Proven strategies for feeling good about yourself.

• Travel Skincare Tips: How to arrive at your destination, looking and feeling great!

• Healthy Hair: Transform your look with tips designed to bring out the best in your hair.

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What people are saying!

As a former International Fashion Model I can say without a doubt that the information Belinda Benn has packed into her 'Fitness Model Skincare Secrets' is invaluble for anyone who wishes or needs to have camera ready skin.

The improved tone and clarity of my own skin is all the proof I need. It's a must have guide and definite Xmas gift for all my friends.

Many thanks,
A. Jenner NYC

Hi Belinda,

I just wanted to say thank you for writing the Fitness Model Skincare Secrets. When I first bought your Program I went straight to this book and immediately it was a booster to myself. Gorgeous natural products. Tips to pamper yourself and most of all the homemade masks!! It's a lovely added addition to your program and very personal. Thank you.

Rebecca Hall
Canberra, Australia

After more than fifteen years as a publicist within the Fashion and Beauty Industry, I was thrilled to come across Belinda Benn's no nonsense approach to skincare. Her Fitness Model Skincare Secrets is a refreshingly honest look at what is required to get and maintain a glowing complexion from head to toe at any age.

A direct, common sense approach that is both enjoyable and easy to follow. A must have for all.

Ali Moore UK

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  • Photoshoot tricks, a sneaky technique for having flawless skin, secrets for maintaining your weight, fitness competition prep strategies, goal setting tips, championship abs tricks, workouts, and more!

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The Fitness Model Skincare Secrets The Fitness Model Blackbook


The Fitness Model Blackbook


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PS. When I started working in the cosmetic industry at 23 years old, I marveled at the glamorous women I met – what was their secret to always looking so wonderful? I gradually discovered, that good skin, great skin and even beautiful skin, comes from just taking a little, extra special care, every day. For 10 years I traveled internationally, studying how the skin works and how to keep it looking at its best. What I learned is that healthy, youthful, great looking skin is achievable without fads, gimmicks or spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Whether you are 20 or 60, male or female – it’s never too early, or never too late. So, get ready to start making some positive changes. So, start now and let me share my secrets with you!

PPS. Do not forget, you also receive my follow-up support via email for all your personal questions and my no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee of 60 days to evaluate the program
Belinda Belinda, be strong, stay young